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T. John O'Dowd

BCL, Barrister at Law

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About Me

I have lectured in the UCD School of Law since 1991. I am also a DPhil student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford, and a member of Wolfson College. My main academic interests are Irish constitutional law and comparative constitutional law, with special reference to the subject of my doctoral thesis, Indian constitutional law.

Limbă română

Eu învăţ limba română din anul 1997. Vă rog să folosţi legătura care se găseşte mai sus dacă doriţi să stiţi de ce şi cum am învăţ-o.

Această pagină se găseşte şi într-o versiune română.

As part of my interest in the Romanian Language, I have maintained a site on Romanian and Moldavian Law. That site is suspended for the time being (as of February 2009).

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More about me


I teach Constitutional Law (LAW 10050 and LAW 10060), for students in Level 1 of the undergraduate programmes offered by the Law School, and  Media Law with students at Level 3 of the undergraduate programmes (LAW 30190) and at postgraduate level (LAW 40230.)

Some of my research interests

I am completing a D Phil at Oxford University.

Head of the River Oxford

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The River Thames, Oxford (from Folly Bridge)

The main subject  is a comparison of Irish and Indian constitutional law in relation to the judicial recognition and enforcement of so-called "socio-economic" constitutional rights, such as the right to medical care or shelter and the like.

I am currently participing in a research project co-ordinated by the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, entitled: "Comparative Constitutional Traditions in South Asia".

My specific research interests - other than the subject of my D Phil and those, such as defamation or State liability in tort, that are integral parts of the three subjects I teach - include:

  •  Electoral Law
  •  Political Parties and the Law
  •  The Legislative Process
  • Pornography and Censorship

  • Recommended Links

    Here, in no particular order, are a few links I've found interesting or useful.
    • IrishLaw The home page for the IrishLaw E-Mail discussion list, which I warmly recommend to anyone interested in Ireland and the law. Maintained by Darius Whelan, Faculty of Law, University College Cork.
    • High Court of Australia The Web Home Page for the High Court of Australia. An example of best practice for courts everywhere.
    • You might also be interested in the official home page for the Supreme Court of Canada: Supreme Court of Canada and the similar page maintained by the Faculty of Law at the University of Witwatersland in relation to the Constitutional Court of South Africa.
    • Tasmanian Government Tasmanian Government information, including a summary of the Tasmanian electoral system which, most unusually, closely resembles ours here in Ireland.

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